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Toolings for Fastener Industries

At our cutting-edge manufacturing unit, we specialize in crafting high-performance carbides for fasteners tooling applications. These carbides are designed to elevate tool performance to its highest potential.

  • Dies: For wire drawing and shaping applications, our carbide dies ensure extended tool life and precision.
  • Quill-Wire Die: Enhance wire drawing processes with our durable quill-wire dies, designed for longevity.
  • Cutter Open & Bush Cutter: Our carbide cutters offer exceptional cutting performance, ideal for high-speed operations.
  • 1st Punch: Precision is paramount in metalworking, and our carbide punches deliver just that.
  • Die & Punch Case: Tools for tool and die making, crafted for hardness and extended durability.

Discover the difference our carbides can make in your tooling applications. Elevate performance, extend tool life, and achieve precision like never before.

Toolings for Collapsible Tubes and Can

We specialize in crafting Carbide rings for Aluminum Collapsible Tube manufacturing. Our innovative Combined Die reduces setup time, increases productivity, and ensures precision. Elevate your production process with us.

Toolings for Powder Compacting Tools

Explore our product range, which includes Dies and Punches designed for Sintered product manufacturing. These precision tools are your key to minimizing material loss and achieving higher production efficiency.

Toolings for Steel Ball Industries

Since 1994, we've been experts in crafting Carbide Heading dies and Punches. These essential tools are used to create the initial Headed ball, a crucial step in the production of finished balls primarily used in Bearing Manufacturing.

Toolings for Bearing Industries

we provide precision Clamping plates for securing races during Inner and Outer race grinding and lapping processes. These plates are compatible with Lidkoping Machines.

Tooling for Roller Manufacturing

We've designed dies for Taper Roller and Needle Roller needs, serving major Bearing Manufacturers in India. Mikron Engineers also produces Cutter Inserts, Cutters, and Quills, catering to the Roller Manufacturing Industries.