Carbide Knives
Cut-off knives and cut-off bushes should never be omitted in any cold working operation. They
enable the capacity of the machine to be better utilised and reduce the production cost. Cut-off knife
cuts the wire uniformly clean even in a large quantity of production and thereby the need for constant
attention to check the burr formation is avoided. Due to the burr free cut surface of the wire, the life
of the cold heading tools is simultaneously increased.

Cut Off Knife

Bush Knife
Cut-off knives and bushes are offered in various executions. The bore diameter of Parin cut-off
bushes will be about 0.03 mm to 0.05 mm more than the wire diameter for thin wires and
approximately 0.05 mm to 0.08 mm more for thicker wires.
These products are generally supplied in Grades P30, P40 and P55.

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